• Intel Corporation used the Electric Maze in their worldwide management development program for first line managers. To date, more than 9000 employees in nine countries have participated in the Managing Through People program. Read more.
  • Wal-Mart uses the NetWork 2i Action Learning Device™ in their Middle Management Development Program. The program develops core competencies including setting direction, communicating goals, supporting emerging leadership and recognizing nonverbal communication. Read more.
  • Pilgrim's Pride Corporation, the second-largest poultry producer in the United States, uses Interel's ViewPoint® Technology for their Respecting and Resolving Our Differences Program. Read more.
  • Gettysburg College received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to develop a model and curriculum for student leadership development. The resulting Leadership Development Course for College Students has a number of training modules that use the Electric Maze. Read more.
  • Dave Carrol, Senior Consulting Partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies uses the NetWork for his Building High Performance Teams program. Read more.
  • Weyerhaeuser Company uses the Electric Maze in both their corporate Leadership Institute and for programs conducted by individual business units. Read more.
  • FedEx Corporation has used the Electric Maze for their management development program for a number of years. Read more.
  • Dan Coleman of Excelsior Learning conducts an experiential workshop integrating creative thinking, problem solving and team building skills, to develop highly effective teams... Dan designed a learning activity that uses the Sentinel in combination with the Electric Maze. Read more.
  • Jerry Pike, Sr. Performance Consultant with Synopsis, a leading semiconductor design software company, has used Interel Action Learning Devices for many years. He was one of the first internal consultants to use the Tournament Maze for an employee development program. Read more.
  • Interel worked with Cisco Systems to conduct a Cold Firewalking activity for 300 managers at an offsite meeting. The safe indoor activity, developed by Interel, uses the Electric Maze EM3 in a configuration resembling a traditional fire-walking pit. Read more.
  • Randy Harrington, of Extreme Arts and Sciences, worked with a major software manufacturer to conduct a Cold Firewalking activity, with the Electric Maze, at their training center. Read more.
  • Dr. Jim Koeninger of Corporate Education Resources, Inc. has been an active user of Interel's Action Learning Devices for both his corporate and education sector clients. Read more.
  • Global Spirits & Wine, Inc., the world's fourth largest spirits and wine company, has worked with Interel's Action Learning Devices for many years. Recently, the company began using our ViewPoint® Technology learning devices in several employee development programs. Read more.
  • Drs. Dennis and Michelle Reina, principals of Chagnon & Reina Associates, Inc., based in Stowe, Vermont utilize the Electric Maze, NetWork, Mosaic and a jointly developed Trust Rail in their Trust Building® work with client organizations across North America. Read more.
  • A large multi-national hospitality organization recently used Interel's Mosaic learning device to conduct a key learning activity for 1,400 General Managers, Sales Managers and Marketing Managers at a Global Conference. Read more.